Friday, October 17, 2008


Life is hard, yet there's always light. We see the darkness of night but we can also see the brightness of the morning.

That's life and that's how the way it is.

We tend to be optimistic, yet, sometimes, we experience failures.

Life is a constant battle between light and dark. We face may options, we face many advices but the decisions are always in our hands. We need to choose and we need to believe.

Believing is the only thing that we can do to surpass hardships.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


What if I have superpower?
...will I use it for good or in its oppositte?
What if I am out of my mind?
...will the world turn its back to me?
What if I'll die today?
...will someone cry over my grave?
What if I am a flower? you think the bees and butteryfly will like my nectar?
What if I am a computer?
...will I able to remove the virus spreading in my programs?
What if I am handicapped?
...will I stay forever in the rotting bed?
What if I am an Engineering student?
...will I able to pass the qualifying exam?
What if I am a eraser?
...will someone use me to erase the mistakes?
What if I am a sun?
...will I able to spread the warm rays all over the needed?
What if I am a lotion?
...will I able to satisfy my consumers?
What if I am an apple? you think Snow White will still eat me?
What if I am a paper?
...will someone write their thoughts in me?
What if I am the night? you think people will fear me?
What if the stars are blue?
....will the people still use it to top over the Christmas tree?
What if the water is color black?
...will the people still drink it?
What if I am death?
...will I able to do my task as in hunting the living?

>>>>The world is full of What if and no one in this world can answer that. Let us just be optimistic in facing our lives.
This is our key factor for success.>>>

Thursday, October 9, 2008



Brave Dandelions,
wind from the South and North greets,
Oh, great Empereor!


His magnificience,
enlightens the humankind,
the cross witnessed

Saturday, October 4, 2008

back story
purely imagination

Few year ago, a city named Nadal practiced a ritual of killing female infants. This practice brought fear to the people of having a baby girl; every house is inspected at night.
In that place, there was a couple who have no child, they kept on praying to God to have a baby. God granted them a baby girl. When they learned it, they were so scared. She was their first baby and they really loved her. They tried to hide their baby, they transferred to a place near the foot of the mountain, but their secret did not keep long. It was rainy day when one of the soldiers passed in their house, the soldier saw the baby and reported immediately to the leader, An active response was given, 20 soldiers were sent-off in the house. When the couple had learned it, they tried to hide but the soldiers captured them. They were placed in a dungeon, the parents could do nothing, so they keep on praying and crying. The officers had decided to kill the baby in the dungeon, in front of the parents. The couple were chained, they couldn't move, they close their and wait for the dreary sight. The bay girl was put in the basket, ready to be killed but a great strike of light appeared and made the soldiers blind. The parents were surprised, the chain was unlocked, and they hurriedly get their baby. When they got out, a loud explosion inside was heard. The dungeon buried all the soldiers alive. The terrible sight made the people realized their mistake. The baby girl became their inspiration and live happily. They abolished the law and live prosperously without worrying of having a baby girl.


Guido, a Jew met the princess of his life, Dora. He fell in love with this girl and always finds a way to see her. After his so-called courtship with Dora, they finally became connected to each other. They got married and had a son named Joshua, a very cute little boy who wanted a tank as his toy.

Their family lived a happy and contented life, but it seems fate challenges them when Guido and his son was persecuted by the Germans. At that time, Jews are discriminated in Dora's country. All Jews were gathered and placed in a headquarter, at the same time their jail. When Dora learned about this, without hesitation, she also mounted to the train where Guido and their son was placed.

In the headquarters, men are separated from girls, so Guido and Dora did not have the chance to see each other. As for Joshua, to avoid him in fear, Guido managed to the mind of the child that they are in a game where the prize is a real "tank". fascinated by the prize, Joshua obeys what his father tells him.

As the Jews continued to work, they are also being checked by the Doctors and Generals. It so happened that this Doctor was a friend of Guido. This Doctor was so amazed with riddles and cannot sleep unless he solved the problem.

This Doctor wanted to help him but it seems fate really blocks their way. A war spread between the Americans and Germans. Guido advised his son to hide in a cabinet and should not go out unless the noises are gone. Guido left his son to find Dora but the Germans caught him. he was killed by a bullet.

As for the war, the American dominated the Germans, they freed the Jews. Joshua saw a real tank and thought that they won in the game and the tank was their prize. The American soldier took Joshua to ride in the tank, on their way Joshua saw her mother. A smile war drwn in their lips and they hugged each other.


1. GUIDO- a clever man in his own way. He is very wise iun answering riddles. He's a man with dignity, strong-willed in attaining his goals in life. Despite the struggles they experienced, he still managed to smile just to show to his son that everythig was all right.

2. DORA- a beautiful lady who captured the heart of Guido. She's a woman imbued with beauty and love. She was determined to complete her family, thus, without doubt, followed her husband and son in the place where they are treates as a slave.

3. JOSHUA- a smart boy. He always obey what his parents tell him. He is very observant, despite that he's still a child, he always ask questions about everything.
The problem in their life makes tis boy strong, courageous enough to face new challenges.

4. DOCTOR- always amazed in riddles, he cannot sleep unlesds a riddle was solved. He's a friend of Guido and wanted to help them.

5. BARTOLOMEO- a Jew met by Guido in the headquarters.


The movie was played with the classic music where it fitted to what is being portrayed by the characters. The costumes are of that 1930's as well as with their architectural designs. Modern technologies are absent in the film.

As for the light settings, it clearly show-off the characters situation. It provides what is necessary. The use of colors are in time indicated above.


Life is like a wheel, sometimes your up, sometimes your down. Although problems strikes you, we should stand still, be optimistic, for the sun will still shine to us.

Our love will serve as our inspiration and courage to face the challenges. We should not lose hope, this challenges are just a trial to make us strong, make us mature and make us aware of the realities.


July, a month of thanksgiving, celebrated through T,nalak Festival, a week long celebration that created a joyful and remarkable memories to the people. The said Festival showcased the different skills , culture and talents of the different municipalities.

The celebration provided many different events that caught the interest of the people; competitions, showbiz personalities, fun rides plus chances of meeting new friends and having new experiences, to name a few. These activities cater the young minds to be exposed and be developed in connection of their unique characteristics.

The annual celebration aims to unify the different municipalities in south Cotabato. It further envisions to create a rainbow tied in every one's life.

Warm breeze of the winds,
brought by the sun rays
joyful celebration,
different municipalities in association.

The light in the street
a path to succeed,
T'nalak celebration,
South Cotabatenos unified relation.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Let eyes be opened. Bigger imagination but lesser in action continue to put human race in the pit of failure. One must see this not only as a small black spot of ink in the paper, but rather,we must view it in its totality. Doing a rightfully action conquers human insecurities, revitalize our courage and gather us together in the attainment of our highly ambitioned successful life.

The adversities that continue to challenge human strength put a great emphasis in awaking them to rise up and face the trials. Thought that lies beneath the deepest corner of their mind mus be expressed, must be spoken, actions must be viewed and the totality of itself must show its dominion.

Exaggerations are over expressions and yet sometimes, we need to exaggerate to hold the flame, the flame that will heat our desires and will cover us with warmth in time of snowy days. A successful life depends to ourselves, if we do not take actions regarding with our dreams, dreams will be dreams forever. Thus, we must always put in our mindset that thought and actions must go hand in hand to further explore the wide arena of the world.